Junior scientists or experienced technicians

Aug 27, 2020

The project

Immunetune, a biotech startup company based in Leiden, is developing personalized DNA-based vaccines to treat highly mutated cancer types such as lung carcinoma and melanoma. We collaborate closely with the LUMC (prof. F.A. Ossendorp) to design vaccines that train the immune system to selectively identify and eliminate tumor cells based on DNA mutations which only occur in cancer cells (neoantigens), thus yielding a type of precision medicine with an excellent safety profile.

To enable production of affordable and effective vaccines, Immunetune developed a novel production method for synthetic DNA (AmpliVax), as well as a novel DNA-encoded adjuvant (PyroVant). Spurred on by promising results in pre-clinical models, and positive feedback from regulatory authorities,, we aim to test safety and immunogenicity of our vaccines in humans as quickly as possible.

The position

We are looking for an experienced technician or junior scientist to conduct pre-clinical experiments in close collaboration with the LUMC. You will join a highly motivated and collaborative team of scientists at the LUMC and Immunetune. You will combine pre-clinical tumor models with a broad range of immunological technologies such as cellular immunological assays, flow cytometry, and ELIspot.   


  • You have either recently obtained your Ph.D. on an immunological subject, or you are a B.Sc. or M.Sc. with at least three years working experience. In both cases, a qualification (‘article 9’ or ‘article 13f2’) and experience in working with animal models is required.
  • You are experienced in the in vitro and in vivo technologies required for this project. Knowledge of (tumor) immunology and/or vaccinology is advantageous.
  • You have excellent practical and organizational skills and can work as part of a diverse multidisciplinary research team. 
  • You can communicate well in English and preferably also in Dutch

We offer

You will be employed at Immunetune, preferably full-time (40 hours per week). Part-time employment is negotiable. Immunetune offers a pension plan, holiday allowances and a salary in line with market practice.

More information

If you have any questions, or if you want more information about this position, please contact Dr. J. van Bergen, scientific director at Immunetune (+31 (0) 71 3322385).


If you are interested in this job and satisfy its requirements, we look forward to your application. Please send your application, including a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter, to jobs@immunetune.com before September 20th. Candidates will be selected and invited for interviewing in October.