Proprietary Technologies

Immunetune has invented and developed a set of proprietary technologies that enable us to fully exploit the potential of DNA vaccines, overcoming previously conceived hurdles of production and immunogenicity with a novel way of rapidly producing synthetic DNA and a unique immunogenic adjuvant. Our lead program NeoVAC is using these technologies to enable a neoantigen cancer vaccine. 



– CADVax™ – our proprietary in-house developed bioinformatics platform to optimize DNA vaccine design with more than 20 different antigens, following DNA sequencing and optimal antigen prediction.

– AmpliVax™ – our proprietary DNA vaccine production platform featuring cell-free, synthetic, highly pure DNA vaccines which are rapid, scalable & affordable.

– PyroVant™ – our proprietary genetic adjuvant which triggers a centralized pathway of sensing danger for the immune system, co-expressed with tumor-specific antigens to boost and polarize a cytotoxic T cell response to these antigens.


These technologies are also incorporated in our infectious disease vaccines and can be further used to improve gene and RNA therapies.