Tuning Immunity

Cancer cells accrue gene mutations, potentially resulting in mutated proteins and novel antigens. These so-called neoantigens, abundant in difficult to treat cancers such as melanoma, lung and some colon cancers, can trigger the immune system and are thus attractive targets for truly tumor-specific immunotherapy.

Immunetune is developing best-in-class personalized DNA vaccines (NeoVAC) harboring more than 20 neoantigens to elicit powerful tumor-specific immune responses.

Boosting Checkpoint Inhibitor Responses

We have shown, for the first time, that a therapeutic DNA neoantigen vaccine can greatly improve upon the success of checkpoint inhibition, increasing the complete remission of established tumors from 10% to almost 70%. See also our published scientific article in Immuno Oncology

Protection Against Tumor Challenge

In preclinical models, DNA vaccination efficiently protects against a tumor challenge and Immunetune’s lead genetic adjuvant more than doubled tumor-free survival.  

Exemplary Result in Mice

Near complete protection from a melanoma tumor challenge following DNA vaccination (red) versus peptide vaccination (blue).