Company Background

Immunetune was established in 2017 in Leiden, the Netherlands, and is currently situated in the BioPartner incubator building at the Leiden Bio Science Park, one of the leading biotech hubs in Europe. The company was founded by Gerben Zondag following years of work in the immunology and gene therapy field, observing the limitations of current technologies in achieving the potential of cancer vaccines. The team of Immunetune was subsequently built up to address these limitations by the pioneering of novel technologies in vaccine design, production and development. Our highly motivated team combines the right scientific and corporate experience. Immunetune’s scientists have vast expertise in immunology, molecular biology, and a long-standing collaboration with Leiden University Medical Center, among others.

 Two patent applications related to vaccine production and immune stimulation have been filed, and the company is completing preclinical validation of its groundbreaking DNA vaccine platform.